Best friends

Men and women define”best friend”in the same way – a person who is always there when you need them. Your best friend is someone who shares your happiness, suffers through your worries, and lessens your sorrow. As one man said,”A best friend is somebody that you call if you get a flat tire on the exprssway at
3:00 a.m., and you have to wait hours for a tow truck. Your friend’says,”Tell me exactly where you are, and
I will come and get you.”

A variety of factors can help establish a best friendship, including the age of the people, the situation in which they meet, and how they satisfy each others needs. But in my study, I found the main themes that define a best friend were remarkably similar for many people.

“Safety”was a word I heard over and over. A best* iend makes you feel safe and provides a comfort zone. You never have to explain yourself to best friends because they understand you so well. You can be exactly who you are. You can cry too hard or laugh too loud and never worry about what they’ll think. Best

friends will give you advice if you want it and encouragement if you need it, but they will not Judge you or make you ashamed of your behavior. A best friend gives you unconditional love. That means complete love, without any limits.

Best friends are loyal and trustworthy, A best friend is a person who you can tell your most embarrassing personal secrets to. You can be sure that your best friend won’t repeat your secrets to anyone else. Best friends can also be completely honest with you, but in the most gentle way.

Finally, best friends are the family you choose. They love you because they want to, not because they have to. For many people, a best friend becomes the brother or sister they’d always wanted but never had.

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